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Company Profile
SYM was founded on September 14th, 1961.  Its predecessor, Sanyang Electric machinery Plant was founded in 1954.

SYM employs over 2400 employees with a capital of 8.053 billion NTD.  Its main manufacturing products include automobiles, motorcycles, mobile products, parts and accessories.  Annual global production capacity of over 1 million units per year.

Overseas subsidiaries include Vietnam, China,  Indonesia, Italy and Germany. Currently, SYM is headquartered at No.3, Jhonghua Rd., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 303, Taiwan R.O.C.

SYM HD 200

Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 and initially started as a manufacture of bicycle generator light with only 10 employees in a small old office sized around 100 square meters.  With its perseverance and stamina, Sanyang Industry has illuminated a splendid future in the international scooter and motorcycle industry.  Throughout the past 50 years, with the high-speed development of technology, Sanyang Industry has stably obtained its international recognition with solid foundation in the automobile and motorcycle fields.

In respect of motorcycle market, SYM will research and develop products with best quality for domestic and international consumers through continuous innovation and aid to be the leading motorcycle brand worldwide.

SYM Scooters are designed from the highest technology and quality control concept from our Sanyang Industry factory. Sanyang Industry incorporates the latest Ceramic Coating Cylinder technology to achieve improved properties of high hardness (wear resistance) and heat resistance in all SYM scooter engines.

Environmental Responsiblity
Sanyang has devoted to automobile and motorcycle manufacturing along with its excellent corporate culture and principles to provide the best products for consumers around the world.  As a multi-national company as well as a global citizen, SYM environmental declaration “Pollution Prevention, Energy Saving, Resource Recycling and Environmental Greening” is the commitment to advancing environmental protection.  Since 1998, SYM has implemented the Environmental Management System ISO-14001 to document, organize and systemize environmental management.  Moreover, SYM has adopted P-D-C-A cycles to enhance continuously the performance of their environmental management.

SYM Brand Promise
SYM is the Engine of Life.  We apply our engineering know how to real life contexts, bringing to market superior motor vehicles that deliver on the promise and experience of: durability for a life time, mobility for life needs, and affinity for life styles.

Life time. Life needs. Life styles.

Having the internal strength to last.  The strength at the core of our culture translates into a commitment to professional craftsmanship, products that outlast, and a company that performs and competes for the long haul.

The active qualities of human benevolence.  In an industry dominated by mere observance of external standards, we strive to go beyond compliance to actively integrate our deep care for life into what we do and make.

Pulsing with life energy.  All of our people, products and activities resonate with and embody this life energy that keeps us on the move.

A natural attraction of similar things.  Our company and products draw people who share the same values, creating relationships based on an understanding of our customers, partners, and employees that can only come because we are like them. We believe what they believe.

Imaginative productivity.  We are driven to build a uniqueness into all we are and do that cannot be easily copied, because it is grounded in a creative way of thinking that continually generates new ideas and new ways of working.

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